Editorial products in various formats

(ebooks, books, magazines, newsletters, articles, projects, fairs, events)

Formats for live or audio-video events, conferences and presentations

Promotional videos & editorials

Live & audio-video courses

Professional, Business & Team coaching

Personal, professional and corporate training

Marketing & commercial consultancy

Resource management (time & money),
Leadership, Team building & role definition,
Management of people, groups & teams

Info-marketing projects

to create and develop brands and business online

The above-mentioned services can be provided in standard formats or tailor-made to meet specific corporate needs.

Promotion and marketing activities are supplied to companies which are not direct competitors. Both direct sales and e-commerce solutions offered.

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Ricetta delle Ricette

Filippo Scarponi

SFS Malta


CMS House - Third Floor - St Peter’s Street
San Gwann SGN 2310 - Malta
Tel. (00356) 21384761 - Fax: (00356) 21386301
Email: admin@sfsmalta.com
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Filippo Scarponi
Via di Val Cannuta 181/C
00166 Roma
Mobile: (0039) 3296144737
Email: filipposcarponi@gmail.com


Primarily in Europe and the countries of the Mediterranean region